Connect TradingView to Binance

and trade with tricks & indicators -or- TradingView strategies is online-service that gives ability to connect TradingView with Binance and automatically convert TradingView alerts to orders on cryptocurrency exchange


Why Do I Trade Crypto From TradingView

Not Using Interface on Exchange

I have access to all of TV indicators, including my custom

I trade using my custom coded strategies

I do automated trading process

I use tricks which impossible in exchange interface

In manual trading, I have flexibility in putting Limit orders

List of possibilities

What Can I Do Using Aleeert

With TradingView chart
  1. Automatically convert TradingView alerts to real orders on cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Use TradingView indicators & strategies as trading bots
  3. Automatically execute trading signals from indicators & strategies I write on Pine script (TradingView)
  4. Trade using indicators & strategies from other TradingView authors as well
  5. Place orders out of range (e.g. on BNBUPUSDT)
  6. Trade with percent (%) or fixed amount ($) of balance
  7. Limit, Stop Limit, Market, Stop Market, Trailing Stop, OCO orders
  8. Trade pair A using chart of pair B
  9. Trade multiple pairs on the same chart
  10. Reduce volatility via another pair (e.g. BNBUPUSDT via BNBUSDT)
  11. Automatically set Take Profit and Stop Loss
  12. Set multiple TP/SL orders
  13. Set conditions for placing orders
  14. Trade cryptocurrency right from TradingView chart

Easy to use

Trading by % or $ of balance

Time saver. No need to calculate the value of each asset. It will be done automatically.

0% commission

Strong security

API keys of each user are encrypted by unique user key that only user has. So no one has access to API keys. Including me.

Instant signal execution

Any TradingView indicator can be trading robot now

It's very easy to start trading cryptocurrency using TradingView indicators & strategies via Aleeert

  • Using TradingView indicators for trading
  • Using TradingView strategies as trading bots
  • Trading pair A on chart of pair B
  • Leveling volatility via another pair
  • Putting orders out of range
  • Trading different pairs on the same chart
  • Permanent orders